Lusaka ~ Wed, 12 May 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

New Congress Party president Peter Chanda has withdrawn from the 2021 race and has instead vowed to support PF Presidential candidate Edgar Lungu.

He said at a media briefing today that his party decided to withdraw from the race due to some circumstances.

He said despite paying the nomination fee amounting to K95,000, the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) instructed the party to use another symbol because what it has is being used by another political party.

Chanda said time is not with the party, therefore, it is not possible for them to change the symbol.

He also indicated that the pronouncement by the ECZ advising the political parties to avoid crowds during campaigns ahead of August 12 general elections is another disadvantage to the party.

“As a party which is just contesting for the first time we are supposed to sell ourselves to the public by engaging the people. So what the ECZ has done will not be good to our party,” Mr Chanda said

He however said despite this setback, the party will rally behind the winning team under the leadership President Dr Edgar Lungu.

Mr Chanda said he will massively campaign for President Lungu in order for him to win the forthcoming general elections.

His party will, however, field candidates in some wards and Constituencies.


  1. Drizzy

    But why form a party if you are supporting the other camp??? Its like you play for Manchester United but you’re supporting Chelsea

  2. FuManchu

    Time waster and it’s not his K95 000 that has gone to ECZ. There is a money laundering scheme and bribery taking place that ECZ “delivers as discussed and planned!” Just wait and see how many from the 19 who have paid more dropping out and supporting PF!

  3. P.M

    Why in the first place form an oppsition party if you going to fight the party in government? Zambian politics is a joke. Kambwili abandones his party to join the party to join PF, a party he insulted day in and day out. Peter dobo aso abandones his stance to support ECL. WHAT A CIRCUS. This is why I support and respect UPND.

  4. Dr JPeei

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  5. Jet li


  6. Aristide Bance

    That’s no surprise coming from someone named PETER

  7. Chichi

    To begin with, Chichi is back. Secondly, what nonsense is this about this horrible person supporting a failure? I hate poverty and too bad Zambians are becoming accustomed to it. The socialist party is the way to go.

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