Lusaka ~ Thur, 13 May 2021

Mrs Margaret Mwanakatwe has promised the people of Lusaka Central more development beyond 2021 following her readoption for the Lusaka Central seat.

The former finance minister said she was honored and humbled to have served the people of Lusaka Central for the last 5 years and looked forward to more work after the August 12 elections.

She Wrote:

To my Lusaka Central family,

As I sit back and reflect over the last 5 years, I am both humbled and truly honoured to have been given an opportunity to serve the people of Lusaka Central.

Hailing from the corporate world, I thought I had done my fair share of contribution to Zambia throughout my career.

The opportunity to serve as Lusaka Central Member of Parliament made me realise that my calling was way beyond the corporate world. Indeed, I realized that my corporate experience was one that was necessary to provide me with the networks in life that would help me to help others have a better life.

What is the definition of a good life? Access to health, access to education, decent living environment, access to clean water and good sanitation, ability to access basic needs of life, enabling environment for one to create wealth.

Today, we have upgraded our health centres which are better equipped to cater for our people, we have more class room blocks, desks and computers in schools.

We have electricity where there was none, we have access to clean water through boreholes where we had none, we have a cleaner environment with less garbage.

Sports curriculum has been reintroduced in our schools and we have recreational facilities for football.

Our girl child has support with sanitary towels, our police stations have become decent environments for officers and inmates alike and we have a modern shopping mall in our amidst. We also have Titles for previously untitled land.

We have 33 cooperatives that have been created and empowered to be self-sustaining.

To our cooperating partners, who have offered material and financial support, I couldn’t thank you enough. May your kind gestures continue to help the lives of our people.

Thank you Lusaka Central for sacrificing your family time, resources and energies to work with me to enhance the livelihoods of our people.

Thank you for working with me to identify the immediate needs of our people. Thank you for partnering with my office to realise the dreams and aspirations of the people who started off as members of my constituency and have now become people that I now consider family.

Your pain was my pain, your Happiness my happiness. Irrespective of milestones achieved, our work is far from complete. I look forward to serving you more and thereby pledge my unwavering support for the people of Lusaka Central.

God bless you and Big Love

Hon. Margaret Dudu Mwanakatwe


  1. Frank Chombela

    If copper prices fall, I will sell Mukula logs.

  2. Veronica musonda

    With all due respect madam ….I would love to show my consent on your previous words spoken ….you are saying you madam have done all these listings well spoken but what of woodlands area we have women who need empowerment over 5 years now we here in woodlands have not been funded with any empowerment youths here are busy jumping up n down looking for source of money empowerment funds women also need empowerment as they are struggling with no empowerment, drainage systems are poorly damaged. Pass through fir road the roads are poorly damaged check chabisa road the roads are poorly damaged so madam over 10/years no empowerment but bauleni is been funded with empowerment look into this and for more information please come through woodlands fir road or contact me +260979369075

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