By Bangwe Naviley

PF has scored a first in its inclusive agenda by adopting a differently abled person, UNZA Lecturer Thomas Mtonga, to contest for MP in Chasefu Constituency in Eastern Province.

Dr. Mtonga was born in 1971, with ‘perfect eye sight’ but a measles attack in 1980, left him blind.

He was in grade two and was visiting his older brother in Mukonchi area of Kabwe during a school break when the deadly disease ‘pounced’ on him.

Unfortunately for Dr. Mtonga, he was not taken to hospital but was prescribed a traditional concoction in the hope of treating him.

“What was serious at the time was a combination of lack of education and poverty levels. The only thing my brother did to try and heal the disease was to prepare okra and pour it into my eyes. However, after two weeks, I became unconscious and my brother sent word to my father and when he arrived, I remember very little light passing through my eyes. They rushed me to Kabwe General Hospital but it was too late. They managed to save my life but they could not save my sight,” he recalls.

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