Nakonde UPND Candidate Nabbed for Malicious Damage to Property

Police in Nakonde have Jointly charged and arrested UPND Nakonde Constituency candidate Simon Simwanza and two others Derrick Banda and Morris Sinyinza with Malicious Damage to property.

This follows a Report of Malicious Damage to property in which a wind screen of a stationery Zhong Tong Bus Reg No. AIC 2209, property of Hardwork Bus services.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Lizzie Machina said the two are alleged to have damaged the said motor vehicle on 12th May, 2021 at 18:20 hours at Nakonde Main Bus Station.

She said the accused persons with other people unknown staged an unlawful procession which resulted in the damage of the motor vehicle.

Ms. Machina added that the accused persons are yet to be released on Police Bond awaiting court proceedings.


  1. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM)

    Cage them,they cannot be destroying other people’s property with impunity.This country is governed by laws and anyone who breaks the law must face it’s rath.No one is above the law regardless of their political affiliation.

    • Matobo

      Look who’s talking now. Hope you will say the same when the heat is on and your cadres start destroying other peoples properties. A few weeks ago known cadres from your camp destroyed properties of a private business simply for printing UPND regalia and you never said anything. mulekwatako insoni mwakulisha taata.

    • sibert

      GBM you are a shame to yourself…a disgrace to your own generation and children..shame on you God will expose you,your motives.



  3. Ndine

    How come Kamba is not being caged for putting State Counsel Sangwa’s life at risk? The people that damaged a UPND supporter’s vehicle outside ShopRite in Kasama have to this day not been caged. Ba GBM this nonsense of applying the rule of law selectively has to end.

  4. Gabriel

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