Kabwe ~ Kabwe, 28 May 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

The Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS) has clarified that only life sentence inmates that show remorse, good behavior and are not a danger to society will be recommended to visit their families on meaningful leave.

Zambia Correctional Service Commissioner General Chisela Chileshe has explained that the provision has existed for decades but praised President Edgar Lungu for more reforms.

He said the Zambia Correctional Service would constitutionally recommend to the President for such a break only for well behaved inmates.

Dr. Chileshe said the Correctional Service Act, through the Commissioner General with advice from the Minister of Home Affairs, could now allow well behaved inmates to break off for two weeks to visit the family.

He said such provisions could only exist where there was a conducive environment created by President Lungu who is a careful, responsible and loving Head of State.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chileshe assured life sentence convicts that there was hope because the Act had a provision for them to be released on a special licence away from a pardon.


  1. Lazi

    Always remember that systems are not perfect, this facility is likely to be abused, once these criminals are set free, even your own family members will be at risk.

    Every life lost caused by this reckless facility would have been caused by you. The Bible encourages us never to defend a wrong.

  2. Ex-convict

    I find this idea of a 2 week leave totally bizarre and just a desperate move to scrap the barrel of a few votes. Every convict is allowed visitation by members of their families. They are in prison on account of the ‘people’ not anyone else. . At most conjugal rights could have been considered and convicts of less serious crimes released to decongest the prisons. Such crimes as Insulting, trespassing etc could be converted to community service instead. Who ever was behind this idea is just desperate for votes!

  3. Kaya

    Mark my words, not all criminals who will go for leave will come back some will never return and they will be dangerous to the community unless you tell us that you will be guarding them into their houses where they will be visting their relatives.

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