Lusaka ~ Thur, 10 Jun 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

Lusaka photographer Cornelius Chella Mulenga popularly known as Chella Tukuta has opted to remain silent in a case where he is charged with libel against Information and Broadcasting Services minister Dora Siliya.

His lawyers Linda Kasonde and Mulambo Haimbe told Lusaka chief resident magistrate Lameck Mwale that Tukuta has elected to remain silent in the case.

The case was scheduled for commencement of defence.

Magistrate Mwale found Tukuka with a case to answer and placed him on his defence but since he won’t give his defence or call witnesses, the case has been closed.

Judgement has been set for July 2.

Tukuta is alleged to have defamed Siliya after he called her a prostitute who sells girls to high profile men for sex.

It is alleged that Tukuta on May 26, 2020 in Lusaka published defamatory matter affecting Siliya in the form of a video on Facebook that.

Tukuta stated that: “This Dora Siliya is hooking up girls, selling girls to the high profile people, so that men can be sleeping [with them], she is actually the highest of the highest professional prostitute. If Dora Siliya is refusing these allegations that she does not connect girls to high profile people for sex, let her come”.
Mulenga pleaded not guilty and the matter proceeded to trial.
After hearing evidence from witnesses who included Siliya, the court found him with a case to answer and placed him on defence.

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