Lusaka ~ Sun, 13 Jun 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

Hakainde Hichilema is a sole beneficiary of political violence being committed by his members against the ruling party, says Patriotic Front Bweengwa Parliamentary candidate Miyanda Mulambo.

During a press briefing held Sunday at Mika Lodges, My Mulambo charged that the ongoing political violence has become the last resort for United Party for National Development (UPND) to derail elections using insidious methods following the failed attempt to stop President Lungu to contest election using the court process.

When the legal way is now permanently closed door, the UPND intend and have been to use illegal ways to threaten peace using violence to destabilise the nation. Our people in Bweengwa have not been spared from the violence and intimidation which the UPND has unleashed as a tactic to win try and win elections. The UPND is beating people, burning cars everywhere. They are openly boasting about it across social media,” Mr Mulambo said. 

He has however warned the UPND not to consider the lack of retaliation by the PF members and the youth as a sign of weakness but said the PF want to win elections by showing what President Lungu and his administration have done and will continue to do for the Zambian people.

We want to warn the UPND though that they should not take the peacefulness of our youth as a weakness because our members are capable of fighting back but our members know that violence does not win elections. Our campaign is not anchored on violence but issues. The UPND must therefore not stretch the patience of our people to respond with an equal force to their actions but must engage the Zambian people to discuss issues,” he said.

And commenting on the letter circulating on social media which was allegedly authored by Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, Mr Mulambo said denying the authenticity of the letter by the UPND does not take away the responsibility that rests on the leadership of being responsible for their cadres  and members.

“We want to be clear that by refraining from curtailing  and condemning the behaviour of their cadres, the UPND leadership under Mr. Hichilema is indirectly condoning and encouraging the violence,” Mr  Mulambo said.

Mr Mulambo was flanked by PF Member Isaac Mwanza who is also governance advisor.


  1. Voter

    PF Youths peaceful? My foot!!!!

  2. Muso

    It is really troubling for me to hear and see that here is an old man who wants to be a MP but is telling lies. very unfortunately. UPND arent violent and thus cant be thought of the ones who can stop it. PF are violent and their presidential candidate has at his disposable all the power to stop, but why is he not. ECL and Miyanda Mulambo dont deserve to be elected into pupblic office.

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