Lusaka ~ Sat, 19 Jun 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

First president Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s son Colonel Panji Kaunda says the Kaunda family is thankful and appreciates the gestures from the neighbouring countries that have declared days of national mourning to honour the late KK.

Zambia has declared 21 days of national mourning, South Africa 10, Botswana 7, Namibia 10, Malawi 7, Tanzania 7 and Zimbabwe 3.

“We are thankful and appreciate those gestures from the neighbouring countries because he (KK) worked very hard as a freedom fighter as a leader of the frontline state to liberate those countries, so they are only paying him back not the debt but the amount of work that him and his colleagues put in to liberate those nations. So, this is a sign that he is still respected even outside Zambia,” Col Panji said.

He said Zambians should be proud of KK adding that Zambians should be the first ones to celebrate the life of KK.


  1. Chewe Evans

    God bless you

  2. FuManchu

    No name on Zambian soil and its sovereignty will ever be greater than KK’s! Indeed Zambians need to celebrate the life of this selfless icon for the family he raised and held together at the height of so many challenges in his home (Zambia), regionally and internationally never relenting on counseling! As descriptions of his legacy are countless the easy one is simply “THANK YOU KK!”

    • Wendi

      we celebrate the life of the great man, He was proudly zambian. RIP Ba KK!!!

  3. MJM

    President Kenneth Kaunda was a great man who had a heart for Zambia. Many of my generation owe our access to first class higher education in Zambia and overseas to KK`s foresight.
    His acceptance and work with HIV when others denied its very existence took great personal sacrifice and courage. MHSRP

  4. Genesis Lubanga

    Comment May our first republican president of our nation zambia rest in peace.

  5. Dr. B. Kapika

    I personaly experience the warmth of the President at the age of 6 when hé came to address a meeting at Chawama Hall in 1966. Hé had to intervene when hé saw the police pushing the children to bring about the order. The President lifted me and other children. Hé placed us next to each other to listen what hé was gong to say. Years later, I met the President several times.
    Though the most memorable was my visit to his house in 2012.
    Hé still astonished me at his nature feelings towards the poor. His memory about the participation of my family in the struggle for independence as hé went into discussion with my mother was very interesting. I had to personaly express my gratitude to President Kenneth Kaunda for ging me and other poor Zambians to study even abroad.

  6. ES

    An icon, I will never forget you for what you did for those of us from disadvantaged backgrounds. I am one of the beneficiary of your policies of free education up to tertiary. Hamba Kahle Mongammeli my beloved leader. MYSRIEP, true son of the soil.

  7. Dr JPeei

    Healthy and living linger.
    Curtesy: https://www.jpeeiclinic.com

  8. Capt. Rix

    Zimbabwe could do better. Fwebena Zambia paid a price for the liberation of Zimbabwe thru the able leadership of Dr Kaunda. May he rest in perfect peace.

    • Kambonga !

      This is a country that will forever pay lip-service to Zambia. Learn to handle Zimbabwe as a jealousy, lousy, clueless and thankless sibling. The “Kabokes” are a better breed for us.

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