Lusaka ~ Sun, 18 Jul 2021

Mr Yona Musukwa, a UPND supporter, has heaped praises on the Patriotic Front for organizing a historic virtual rally which brought together good speakers to campaign for the party and Presidential candidate Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Mr Musukwa, in a posting shared on his Facebook page, has further commended President Lungu and named him as the best political tactician who knows how to put personal differences aside, unlike his opponents who fail to see beyond petty personal feelings.

Here’s his full post:

Bane, muma political WhatsApp Groups are lit, people are discussing the PF’s virtual political campaign rally. It’s understandable, because today’s rally was a historical one, the first ever political virtual rally in the history of Zambian politics. Thanks to Covid -19.

Perhaps, it’s only fair that we look at this virtual rally and grade it, as a basis, and precedent for future political virtual rallies, without fear or favor.

Firstly, as I give my opinion and views on this first ever virtual campaign rally, I must declare that I am not a neutral person, though, I will attempt to put my partisan interests aside, and give a correct and fair view of what I saw today.

Secondly, to start with, in my opinion, the PF virtual rally was a big success. Well organised, entertaining, content and messages well packaged, delivered and televised.

Thirdly, distribution was on point. Literally all PF media, and a good number of media and celebrity channels carried out live broadcast.

Fourthly, all the rally speakers avoided the PF’s nonsensical tribalism syndrome. They spoke more on national issues, and spoke very well. For me, that was the biggest achievement for this inaugural virtual rally. We rarely see PF leaders stick to issues. But today, they did very well.

Fifthly, today’s virtual rally was another exhibition of President Lungu’s correct political shrewdness; the ability to use people to advance your political ambition. President Lungu looks simple but is one of the best political tactician this country has ever seen.

His ability to put aside personal feelings and use the people he needs to advance his political interests is superior and unmatched. All the people who spoke today and campaigning for him have opposed and insulted him before. But he has put his personal feelings aside, and is using them as his campaign soldiers, because he needs them, unlike his opponents who fail to see beyond petty personal feelings.

Many of our political parties fail and get stuck easily because of failure to move beyond petty personal feelings of it’s leaders and the minions surrounding them. They fail to use people they need to advance their political causes because of how they feel about them.

Sixth, the PF should be very proud of themselves for organizing such a successful first ever virtual campaign rally. It was well coordinated and a resounding success.

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