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A TEAM of six top retired British military personnel and IT experts have allegedly been hired by the UPND to manipulate ECZ’s Poll Voter Tabulation system (PVT) in its favour.

Impeccable sources have disclosed that three hired professional hackers entered Zambia on Tuesday through the KKIA while the other three are expected on Monday.

The team is led by Col Thomas Jefferson (retired British army officer), while other team members are William Smith, an Election Expert and Felix Woods, an IT Expert and three others.

The team has come with sophisticated IT equipment and software to paralyze the ECZ IT system.

Hichilema has vowed not to accept results after the August 12 general elections.

The UPND has repeatedly accused the PF of rigging the August 12, 2021 election outcome even before the ballots are cast.


  1. Frank Chombela

    Who controlls immigration and customs procedures in Zambia? U have accepted money from the British to fund the election and now u want to accuse them of this nonsense. Which Brits will risk covid infection in a country with insufficient supply of medical oxygen? Try something else. This one is wild.

  2. Razor

    Exactly. Try something else. We don’t want any fiction on this page. Maybe zr they meant it as a joke.

    • Suzen Nampemba

      Why should someone think like that? No trust in his own country…retired military personal??? Who does that.

      • Bob

        Nobody does that. It’s fake news. If ZR has this information, the relevant authorities have it too, and prevent the entry of the hackers instantly. I take it as a joke of fake news.

  3. Justin Lupinda

    This is very far from truth. These reports are meant to create confusion in the country. So please try something else. Report on the other side the greens

  4. Cyborgnee Allam

    Those are lies pf why can’t you say the truth for a moment? Every time when you post a story it’s for hh , what kind of leaders are you!!!

  5. Håkon Spigseth

    I thought Zambia Reports was neutral in politics, But I can see its now become a Government publication, Very disappointing that they can produce such lies.


    Very laughable post. Please don’t waste my time with dreaming and building castles in the air. What did you ‘eat ‘ …?????

  7. Ip Man

    This Site Has Become Unbalanced In Terms Of Political News So Its Nowonder This Site Couldnt Be Reached For Some Time, This Is Bad Reporting


    am here to read comments please

  9. Pasha

    If people wanted to hack into the ECZ server, they’d have done it way before. ECZ has been stupid long enough..

  10. Pasha

    Right now there’s no need to hack into the ECZ server, PF has already lost the election that’s why they’re so desperate at accusing Hichilema with so many despicable things.

  11. Ephraim

    PF rigging tactics are blocked, now they want to find a reason for loosing the in coming elections.

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