Hakainde Hichilema has flown to Solwezi, North Western Province for his campaigns. Before he flew out, he was briefly delayed at the airport because the traffic controllers wanted to be sure it was safe to take off. But what did we see after the delay? Accusations against innocent people and institutions.

When you have received some bashing from your own people about your lack of seriousness a few days before elections, it’s always easy to blame your inadequacies on other people. This has always been HH’s style even in the previous elections.

For his lacklustre approach to campaigns, he is always blaming the PF, the government and the security system. For him, there is no taking blame for his own failures. Many people who have been sympathetic to him are now clearly frustrated and have openly spoken about how the UPND leader is not doing enough while the PF have taken the election seriously. As the News Diggers stated in their editorial of Friday, HH and his UPND are behaving as though the Zambian people owe them a debt in form of votes. But these votes don’t just come, you have to work for them.

Now getting back to HH’s hullabaloo about the normal airport procedures. First and foremost, his surrogates must stop bringing the name of a quiet organisation that has the interest of the nation at heart into petty politics! Why would the Intelligence stop HH from flying out when there are organisations charged with facilitating each and every flight in the country?

HH as usual was too quick to lie about being stopped from flying out. It took only a few minutes for the airport staff to clear his plane for takeoff.  Clearances may have been issued by the Department of Civil Aviation but due to other factors, he may have been told that “take off denied” by the flight controller to allow clearance of traffic. Remember, Kenneth Kaunda International Airport only has one runway and depending on wind speeds and oncoming air traffic, some planes which are on the ground may be put on hold!

Another point to always remember is that an aircraft’s most dangerous time is landing and taking off! So any delay by airport staff to clear off a plane for take off cannot be misconstrued as denial of flight rights. If at all that were the case, would he be in Solwezi now?  Nobody in government is interested in stopping HH from campaigning anywhere in this country. Mwilabepesha bakaele when you have failed to impress out of your own laziness.


  1. Pilot

    Totally false post above blaming safety. Delay was entirely due to interference form Zambia Air Force who tried to revoke the special permission politicians need to fly anywhere. They later backed down under pressure this time.

  2. Frank Chombela

    Why can’t Zambia Airports Corporation speak for themselves? Any necessary delay is communicated to cabin crew for onward transmission to passengers. That’s how it works.

  3. Razor

    So do the police know about the above post. Then how come there is a call out for him immediately he went to distribute masks in chongwe.

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