Lusaka ~ Mon, 26 Jul 2021

Former BP Zambia workers want President Edgar Lungu to intervene in their K408 million pension plight against their former employers that include a company in which UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has shares.

Lead plaintiff Expendito Chipalo says 235 ex-workers have been affected, of whom 128 have died without receiving their benefits.

“We have exhausted all the court processes and it is purely inhuman to continue to be denied benefits that rightfully belong to
us. As we have all aged, the ‘casualty figure’ may rise very rapidly,” Chipalo  said.


  1. Frank Chombela

    It’s an offence to disobey a court judgement. Why are BP pensioners tolerating this? Is it another one of those anti-HH poisons being liberally spread around?

    • Suzen Nampemba

      Ba Fanky the one who is sleeping under the mupundu tree is the one who hear the mpundu dropping. Alot of people are dead because of ba HH…I am not in politics but icipwena balapunka.

  2. Suzen Nampemba

    All the suffering in Zambia is because of him…if he was not selfish…zambian would have not been the same….now lilya namona abanankwe balondolola icalo elyo atile zambians are suffering….where is chiluba, where is Chipimo senior 😭😭😭?Ala ifintu fimo ngatawishibe better you keep quiet.

  3. Razor

    BP workers you went to court and lost so stop blaming HH. He doesn’t control the day to day running of a company and is just a mere shareholder just like Lungu and Co are also shareholders in various companies but are you going to start blaming Lungu if those companies are even failing to pay salaries.


    Someone help me understand this
    1. If I buy shares in company a,b,c,d and f! Does it mean I am a guarantor of the liabilities of these companies?
    2. What does the law regarding company ownership state?
    3. Is it therefore correct to summarize that being a share holder makes me guilty and liable of the challenges the companies encounter???

  5. Paul Botha

    The watchman u have already answered yourself yes u are part of it as long as u have shares

  6. Cryple Lilmaq

    Blame your Blank

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