There was excitement all over social media yesterday after Hakainde Hichilema’s surrogates edited his Wikipedia bio to include “7th President of Zambia”. In a deliberate attempt to mislead some Zambians who do not know that a Wikipedia page can easily be edited, one of HH’s surrogates got a screenshot and shared on Facebook, asking people to search for themselves and see.

Ha ha ha ha, we couldn’t help but Laugh Out Loud (LOL)!

Look, Zambians are not dull; Zambians are not what the UPND think they are. Zambians are very smart people. They’re able to decipher what is correct and what is not. But because someone is desperate for State House, he allows his handlers to play around with his Wikipedia bio and circulate it. Such fraudulent thinking is not surprising.

We don’t have a 7th president in Zambia; we only have a 6th President, who is President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and he still continues as the 6th President. And truth be told, President Lungu will become the 7th President of Zambia in the next 12 days, whether they like it or not.

Their behaviour to circulate an edited Wikipedia page and claim that even Google knows who is coming next shows just how there is another govt on social media which has already had elections and won the elections. This is not surprising; for them, everything begins and ends on social media. So their 7th president is definitely for the social media government.  HH and his surrogates must move with reality, not imagination.

In fact, they should not confuse abana who may even start writing ati 7th president ku skulu. So batekanye sana because God’s time is the best. There are no shortcuts in life.


  1. Nana

    Ulishilu Sana..he won’t be the 7th president mxm

    • I

      Well spoken. Let’s wait and see.I can imagine another elections covid outbreak to some individuals.

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