WeaponsBy Clive Mwanchitoba

I have been speaking to a lot of people across the country in the past few weeks.

It is truly unbelievable the kind of animosity, rancour and hatred the UPND have wrought on the Zambian society in their quest to attain power at all cost.

As Obama once said, if you win power by dividing people, you will never be able to govern because to govern properly, you will need to reunite them. But how are you going to achieve that if you need them divided for your political ends?

People must now accept that UPND, as a party, is not only undesirable, it is outrightly dangerous to the peace and harmony of our nation Zambia.

If you have been campaigning against UPND, I now expressly invite you to throw everything you have in this campaign.

I also call upon all other political parties to now rally behind PF.

We must now all do everything in our power to retire this evil party from our national politics.

These elections are now about fighting for the survival of the very essence and idea of Zambia that was birthed at Independence in 1964, we owe it to ourselves if not for our future generations.


  1. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Always talking about upnd ninshi kanshi what is wrong with these fuilures. Any death ati niba upnd please God is watching

    • Be brave

      The reason why we or they keep mentioning upnd it’s bcoz of poor readership and u can’t the ruling party failure’s when they are strong and reliable failure starts with u when u can’t even spell failure’s

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