Kamfinsa Prisoners Undergo Voter Sensitization

Over 2500 inmates who are eligible to vote at Kamfinsa Correctional Facility have undergone a voter education sensitization programme in readiness to participate in this year’s election.

Kitwe District Voter Education Committee Chairperson Gerald Mutelo said the sensitization of inmates started with the training of 57 inmates and 7 officers as peer educators to teach the rest of the eligible inmates.

Mr. Mutelo said the exercise is a success and he is happy that the inmates who will for the first time be participating in the elections have been provided with knowledge on the electoral process.

He said the Electoral Commission of Zambia has set a plan that will ensure all eligible inmates have enough information as they participate in the forthcoming elections.

Mr. Mutelo added that the ECZ has provided enough materials in different forms which have been made available in correction facilities to ensure inmates have an informed mind in the electoral processes.

Meanwhile, Kamfinsa Correctional Facility Education Supervisor Agness Ngoma is happy that the electoral Commission of Zambia made available tools that would help inmates participate in elections without any difficulties.

She said the training of inmates and Officers is enough to have all eligible inmates on board as far as the election is concerned.


And Some Inmates that have been trained as peer educators have thanked the Electoral Commission of Zambia for stepping in and ensure materials on elections are made available to them.


They said inmates have been provided with knowledge and will take part in the elections for the first time but with an informed mind.


Kamfinsa Correctional Facility has 2547 registered voters.


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    Yes they should exercising their rights thats wonderful

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      Indeed you are right cause they are human beings like us.

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