It is disheartening to live and witness the current happenings in the political space in our beautiful country Zambia. One would wish that all political parties in Zambia would have the agape love being practiced by the Patriotic Front party and its  leadership. Look at the sadistic behavior and desperation exhibited by the UPND and its leadership? I was shocked to see UPND aligned social media platforms celebrating the mishap that took place in Chingola involving the Canter carrying the PF supporters.  UPND and its leadership must not dilute the Zambian culture of coming together whenever calamity strikes. The Bible says blood is sacred. Any possible or actual spill of blood should be prevented and if it happens we must all come together and sympathize with those who have suffered a lose. Why can’t UPND learn from the PF and its leadership who always put aside political views when the UPND suffer a misfortune? You will not see PF media platforms celebrating the loss of lives of the UPND members. UPND leadership ought to start inculcating the spirit of Ubuntu in their rank and file including their media teams. Their behavior poses a danger on divergent views and oneness as a people. To them, anyone belonging to a different political party is their sworn enemy and must not exist. It means if the unexpected was to happen and HH was to be president, he and his supporters would go out inflict pain on those who do not support their political views. Zambia belongs to all Zambians. You may hate the PF party but you don’t need to celebrate their misfortunes.

I hope Zambians are following how each political party is treating the supporters of other parties , how they treat members of other parties signifies how they would treat those who held divergent views if they formed government. Beware fellow Zambians! Let us not experiment, five years is a long time to live under a misrule. This desperation I have seen in the last two weeks by UPND is alarming, reaching an extent of carrying supporters from Southern province to be moving with them around the country to portray that they have made inroads in PF strongholds, beating anyone who seems to be standing in their way of forming government. And their supporters are devilishly excited. Don’t their leadership realize what their supporters will think when they lose the election on 12 August, 2021? They will think that the votes have been stolen.

Anyway, I’m sure Zambians are able to see the difference between Edgar Lungu and his PF and HH and his UPND. Edgar Lungu has unified the country and HH is bent on dividing it on political lines. I appeal to the UPND leadership and their supporters to look at politics and elections as a contestation of ideas, not blows. If I were the UPND, I would learn from the Edgar Lungu-led PF. They respect human life, respect divergent views and embrace everyone. We Zambians can stop this UPND divisive politics by not voting for them on 12 August, 2021. If there is any election where we need to vote with our conscience switched on is this forthcoming elections, no need to be dribbled by promises and slogans of abracadabra turn around of the Zambian fortunes by UPND leader HH. We are in safe hands, Edgar Lungu is a solid leader with biblical qualities such as humility, patience, love, kindness and goodness. I wish all Zambians God’s guidance and blessings.

Enock Kapitolo Chulu


  1. Razor

    It seems you were one of those in that canter with overloading, no social distance, no musonko, fake driver etc etc. So what do you expect people to do if not laugh at you.

  2. RHK

    Kkkkkkkk, this is the result of over roading, there is nothing concerning Upnd.

  3. Farooq Suleiman


  4. Frank

    PF is a Christian party while the other we do not know where they belong to

  5. Xxx

    Well done first to our military service in our country

  6. fra

    May God help our country, but for a fact UPND is winning the elections😂😇

  7. Quora

    Wait and see u shall bear witness

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