It has become fashionable for the opposition political leaders to lie to Zambians that if they form government after 12th August , 2021, they will employ 15,000 teachers within 90 days . Is that true? Only themselves can answer in the affirmative because reality does not support such blatant lies. The question that Zambians especially unemployed teachers should ask the opposition is: “ where will you take us?” This is where the PF government of Edgar Lungu beat the opposition political parties.

When PF got into power in 2011, they had a well thought out plan in the name of a manifesto to transform the education sector. Have they lived according to their plan? Yes. PF knew from the start that what was needed first was not the recruitment of more teachers, but construction of infrastructure such as schools to reduce the distances between schools and also create capacity to be able to accommodate the unemployed teachers being offloaded by training institutions every year. Over 1,000 schools across the country have been constructed between 2016 to 2020. Are these enough to accommodate 15,000 teachers in 90 days right now? The answer is no. The PF has a plan of action in their 2021 to 2026 manifesto on construction of more schools and recruitment of thousands of unemployed trained teachers. You can see that their plan is systematic.

Is this the only achievement in the education sector? No. The PF government has built four new Universities under President Edgar Lungu in just six years and upgraded others. In order not to leave anyone behind, the PF government has built 10 special education schools bringing the total to 51.

The withdrawal of meal allowances from UNZA and CBU has freed resources and helped government to extend the student loans to other higher learning institutions. With reduced school fees in primary and secondary schools and school feeding program that the government has introduced, there is no excuse why one should drop out of school. It is clear that UPND are hoping to come and reap where they have not sowed, otherwise the PF government of Edgar Lungu has performed exceptionally well in the education sector. M

We appeal to trained unemployed teachers not to be swayed by cheap promises, they should continue to support the PF and vote for it en mass on 12th August, 2021. The 2021 to 2026 PF manifesto guarantees massive jobs since capacity in terms of school infrastructure have already been created. Voting is a serious civic duty, let us all reflect on the great achievements of the PF government in all sectors of the economy.


  1. Razor

    Whether opposition fulfill their promises remains to be seen AFTER they come in power. PF meanwhile have already been in power and their lies have already been proved. Where are the 1000000 jobs they promised?

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