Criminals Took Advantage of Privatization

THE Privatisation of companies was a well intended programme but it was abused by criminals who sold assets for a song, says Raphael Nakachinda.

Featuring on Radio Chimwemwe in Ndola today, Mr. Nakachinda, who is former National Secretary in the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) government, said the party was overzealous to privatise key industries, including mines.
He said the privatisation of mines and other companies had denied many Zambians employment, and he apologised on behalf of the former ruling party for this mistake.
“MMD trusted the wrong people during the process of privatisation”, said Mr. Nakachinda.


  1. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Premature this is nonsense

  2. Razor

    Biggest criminal is nackachinda who wants to eat from PF while at the same time remaining in MMD.

  3. Pharaoh

    The complaint could be genuine but they must be overwhelming evidence to prove his wrong doings.And I know time is not a limit Think of Jacob Zuma of South Africa.

  4. Ok

    So why then did he not say all this when he was in mmd?

  5. Uchiha Madara

    Okay so what if they took advantage of privatisation.that was in 1993.what didn’t you protest then iwe malinso.we don’t care about that.we care about today.you are against people talking about Barotse agreement coz it’s old and forgetten.lets also forget 1993 nonsense

  6. Bleble04

    Na ka chi nda …… Stop politics of the belly….

  7. V H 2021


  8. Mutoto

    This is absurd ba Tata.
    Nkala che.

  9. Theendishere

    HH was a conveyor/liquidator. He didn’t decide nor agree pricing. He may have valued the assets but the final selling prices were negotiated and agreed by MMD GOVT including Nawakwi. As a businessman, HH protected his interests. It was up to MMD to protect its interest on behalf of Zambians. Is it no wonder that most of the greedy people from MMD who ate privatization money are dead? Some of them violent deaths? Poetic justice?

    • Pharaoh

      Well spoken but,we shouldn’t wish the death of any person. Let’s be human and respect every bodies life. Viva HH and its my first time that such a presidential race is unique far far away as the previous ones.People have spoken.Is it cause of CIVID 19 this bought down the rise and down fall of Adi Amin within two terms in power ! What a shame ! Even Michael Chilufya Data (MHSRIP) is not happy about it.We are all one in the eyes of of God and I saw it coming.Well done HH .Listen to the cries of people.

  10. Veld

    I can’t wait see the closure of this newspaper

  11. majoza


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