Zambians love peace. Zambians love togetherness. Zambians love people who are humble and non-vindictive. Zambians love people who are sincere and promise things they’re able to deliver and not quick fixes that have never worked anywhere. As they go out to vote on Thursday, these are the things they will be looking at.

Forget about Facebook popularity – elections are no child’s play. On Thursday, it’ll not matter how many viewers one attracted during a live stream or how reactions were obtained from each post made during the campaign period. Reality will dawn and the battle will be between the candidates and the real voters, and mostly it is those people who know nothing about Facebook.

But like always, the UPND is already showing defeatist signs and warning that there will be Armageddon if they lose; they have also resorted to crying ‘rigging’ because they know they’ve not worked for any victory. This has been the weakness of the UPND in all the past elections contested and their leader tells them to cause confusion. Unlike others who walk away and go back to the drawing board after a loss, HH has not spent time restrategising; for him, he’s been in courts contesting this and that.

Oh, and let’s not forget the threats on officers of the law wherever they go! Zambians are worried about this clear show of vengefulness. Those around HH are only showing Zambians the true colors of their leader – the man is vengeful and divisive. They have discussed and agreed to dismiss all officers who were simply doing their jobs to enforce law and order. A  list has been drawn and the man who says he wants to lead Zambians cares less about by it.

As you go to cast your votes in the presidential, Parliamentary and local government elections, deeply consider these traits. One would have expected HH to show remorse after that disastrous privatization in which he himself benefited more than the Zambian people who had mandated him to spearhead and supervise the whole process but 30 years after, he is still the same egotistic and unpatriotic guy he was back then.

Behold how he has singlehandedly tarnished the image of our otherwise beautiful country to the international community. Those who have not been to this peaceful nation would never want to come whether as tourists or investors thinking that our country is not a safe haven when it’s simply hallucinations of a man who lost elections. He has refused to recognize democratically elected President Lungu; he has on record said there will be Armageddon after the elections, and then he goes on to accuse the ECZ of being PF cadres, calls judges corrupt, calls civil servants and the police as cadres . I’m sure civil servants and men and women in uniform are aware what would happen if by chance HH emerged victorious in the forthcoming election; he would dismiss them on the false basis of them being PF cadres. Is this the kind of change the Zambian people would want effected after the 12th August elections? NO.

When we voted for change in 2011, we knew that PF had a plan of action for the Zambian people in their manifesto and that such a change would be positive and we were right. Unlike the UPND which is promising change based on 12 point plan only understood by HH alone, the PF is a well organised party with a manifesto understood by all party members, including some Zambians.


  1. Zedgossip

    So UPND actually has a plan but PF doesn’t ? Good to know that all they promise is inflation, high exchange rates, expensive products & buying defective fire trucks for $1,000,000 then registering them for only $200,000 as a means of fraud. “Very organised party” lol people were getting fired left right and centre. Blind supporters.

  2. Mulinda

    Fellow Tongas let’s change the way we vote so that we can prove to zambians that we are not tribalists. Let’s give our votes to other political parties. Otherwise zambians will never give us the instruments of power be as Tongas we are the waist tribalists the world has ever known

  3. Wilford Hanjabu

    But guys you were going too far. Are you a Cadre or what? Because this was purely demeaning UPND and their leader.

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