Lusaka ~ Fri, 13 Aug 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila has said he is optimistic that PF is winning but has urged Zambians to wait on the official results from the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

Speaking during a briefing today, Mr Mwila stressed the need for peace to reign in the country.

“Zambia is a renowned democracy and the PF wishes to continue to entrench this,” he said.

“ECZ is the only one mandated to disclose results.”

And Mr Mwila had condemned the UPND for perpetrating violence which has led to loss of lives.

He further lamented over the chasing and beating up of election monitors in Western, North Western and Southern.

Mr Mwila said PF has a PVT from all provinces except the mentioned places because polling agents were thrown out.

The Secretary General disclosed that Choma PF members were also badly beaten and are admitted in hospitals.

He also condemned the attack on Miles Sampa and his entourage hacked.


  1. Brenda

    Above All God rules. Heaven rules any person with evil agenda shall not rule this Nation ZAMBIA FOR JESUS CHRIST let’s rest in God

    • Michael Edwards

      Exactly. Only God chosen will rule

    • Audrey Dimuna

      Brenda God has proved you wrong, your thief lost and the nation is rejoicing.

  2. Razor

    Mwila is just delaying the inevitable. They have lost.

  3. Wantanshi

    So here at Zambia Reports it’s only stale news and not latest updates on the outgoing thieving president! Are you people based in Zambia in 2021? Are you aware that PF and it’s criminal enterprise government are NO MORE?!! Would you kindly please wake up to reality?

  4. Sarah

    I think Zambiareports funding ended on Saturday, no one is paying them to write PF propaganda anymore..

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