Bowman Lusambo

Ndola ~ Sun, 15 Aug 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

BOWMAN Lusambo says Zambia is not Southern Province alone because the Electoral Commission of Zambia is still doing its job.

Mr Lusambo, who has been re-elected as Kabushi PF member of parliament, said his victory is a result of hard work.

He said this at his residence in Ndola flanked by eight elected PF councillors for Kabushi Constituency.

“We just wait for official results from ECZ. We have been working with the ECZ for some time. Don’t declare yourself as winners. They did the same in 2015 and 2016. For many years they declared themselves winners. Zambia is not Southern Province alone. I can assure our people that, can you relax, ECZ is doing their job. Our job ended at the polling stations. The next job is for the ECZ who are mandated. There is no any other person to claim they have results apart from the ECZ,” Mr Lusambo said. “For us we are not panicking like rats. We want to give the ECZ time to do their job. I can assure you that as we form government next week, we share not tolerate any lawlessness in the country.”

Mr Lusambo obtained 18,417 to beat his closest rival of the Bernard Kanengo who polled 12,593.

Kabushi Constituency presiding officer Elias Mwalaba declared Lusambo as the winning member of parliament around 02:48 hours yesterday amid jubilation from his supporters who endured the cold night.

Kabushi Constituency has a total 49,908 registered voters, 50.43 per cent of which are male and 49.55 female.

The constituency has 77 polling stations where 36,830 votes were cast while 550 were rejected.

And UPND’s Loyd Lubosha and Frank Tayali wrestled the Chifubu and Ndola Central parliamentary seats respectively formerly held by the PF.

Mr Tayali who was declared winner around 04:00 hours on Saturday amassed 22,907 votes against his closest rival Brendah Mwamba of PF to grab the seat which was previously held by Emmanuel Mulenga.

Electoral Commission of Zambia Chifubu Constituency returning officer Joseph Kabwesha who declared Tayali as winner said a total 44,645 votes were cast in the constituency while 682 were rejected.

Mr Tayali described the victory as a historic moment.

“Politics is not a career but a service to the people. This is a race that can only accommodate one person at a time. I want to encourage my closest rival [Mwamba] that women have a special place in our country and she should stay focused,” said Mr Tayali. “Electioneering is over and my door is open to everyone who wants to share ideas on how we can develop this constituency.”

And Mr Lubosha pledged to work and deliver development in line with the UPND manifesto and desires of Chifubu residents for the next five years.

He thanked the people of Chifubu for electing him as member of parliament and trusting him to deliver socio-economic economic development.

“Our time is now and Zambia should go forward. We are ready to work with the people of the country,” said Mr Lubosha.

Chifubu Constituency returning officer Bupe Mutanya announced the election results from 74 polling districts.

Mr Mutanya declared Lubosha who garnered 19,295 votes as winner around 02:00 hours over his trailing rival of PF, Kondwani Winga who got 17,542 votes.


  1. Kapatso

    My friend Bowman. Start looking for fake receipts as you will soon need to account for all the wealth that came your way the time you joined the band of thieves…PF.

  2. Quora

    I love your courage
    Indeed dead men tell no tales wait and see
    You shall bear us witness as we go forward 👋👋


    This arrogance should come to an end. It is time to enroll for evening English classes to debate properly in Parliament as a backbencher

  4. Kubeja Badala

    As we form government.next week, really laughable. This is same person who was bragging that they had only gone on leave and would be back in office in August. It’s good riddance to mediocrity in leadership!

    • Sichilema

      That leave was indefinite. Retired without benefits indeed.

  5. Misheck Vwemu

    ECZ has done its job. Mr. Lusambo, tell us the results and confirm if you are forming the government next week. Ise taba tumbuka tikuti, “mulombo wukuwela”!

  6. Bunda mafia

    Tayali was arrested , he won Ba PF wat stories are saying now u losers get some rest with Yr failed leadership drunker

  7. Jessey Lingard

    Kkkkk but there are people with confidence zoona. You are loosing the elections,then, u say you will win.Kkkkkkk Shame on you Mr Lusambo

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