Lusaka ~ Sat, 21 Aug 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

Patriotic Front secretary general Davies Mwila says the party’s Central Committee has made an honest and frank postmortem of the past elections.

In a statement following the Central Committee’s meeting today, Mr Mwila stated that they discussed pertinent issues concerning the party in light of the just ended general elections and the future of the Party among other important issues.

“The Central Committee meeting was chaired by His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. The meeting made an honesty and frank post-mortem of the past elections and made clear decisions to REBRAND and REBUILD the party with a clear intention of bouncing back to power in the next general elections,” he stated.

Mr Mwila stated that the Central Committee in its quest to revive and strengthen the party in readiness for the next elections did make the following appointments:

1. Mr. Antonio Mwanza has been appointed as a Member of the Central Committee and he has further been appointed as the National Youth Chairman of the Party.

2. Hon. Given Lubinda has been appointed as the National Chairperson for Information and Publicity.

3. Hon. Vincent Mwale has been appointed as National Chairperson for Elections.

4. Hon Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has been appointed as the Chairperson in-charge of National Mobilisation, and

5. Hon. Elizabeth Phiri has been appointed as National Chairperson for Women and Gender.

He also urged all party members and structures not to despair but to remain strong and focused as the Party goes through this difficult moment.

“We have learned our lessons and in God we trust, we will bounce back sooner than later,” Mr Mwila stated.


  1. George

    Still behind you, PF. I continue to support you

  2. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    In power again to do wat? You have failed totally failed we don’t want you anymore too much segregation interms of development in pf we suffered alot you never mind about people ‘s life

  3. Victoria

    In power again where in Zambia you are gone

  4. Muka

    You forgot about the people. Especially the youth you never employed them..your are finished..

  5. Kux

    Ba Maurinhio Antonio Mwanza, you have contributed to the downfall of THE MIGHTY PF , which we formed with our Beloved MCS.
    People were crying to you when you were in power about the worst economy we experienced ever in Zambia. Your response was very sarcastic, saying it was world wide. That we needed just to work hard.
    GBM also came in with the same story comparing Zambia to S/Africa, saying Zambia was better.

    RIP PF
    I am with HARRY KALABA

  6. Bad breath

    Come back in Power? And then do what??

  7. Man muke

    U are finished,just retire and go and rest take of ur family..

  8. Misheck

    Let us not be useless and fool our selves, we need an opposition in Parliament and in Zambia. All polical parties come at a time there is also other paties so one can not say forget about PF or ether
    UNIP, MMD, ETC There is present, past, and future and there will be no present without the past and there is no past without the present

  9. Misheck Chishala

    I would like to see PF go to the Covention or National Conferences as early as monthend of November, 2021, why because from now they must constitute a task team to go around the country to thank the people of Zambia for those that voted for them or not and collect information from the grass root where the went wrong

  10. Misheck Chishala

    There is need to infuse in PF new rejuvenated MPs who have won on PF ticket and are actively involved in everyday today business of runnings in parliament and a strong Secretary General. 80% of those that have lost elections must godown to reoganise where they disorganized

  11. Razor

    You can make as many changes as you want just like unip did and mmd also did after they lost. You are gone forever.

  12. Presley C

    Who issued PF a permit to hold a meeting?

  13. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Fuilures uko

  14. Mike

    PF is yet to make an honest assessment of their lost in the recent August 12 2021 elections. Some appointments that have been made such as GMB in charge of party mobilisation are not forward looking but rather back ward looking. We must now live with the assumption that HH will be on the scene for next ten years, unless a miracle happens as we have witnessed with PF, otherwise, what new message will CMB sell to the country? nothing. Given Lubinda was appointed Chair of Information and Publicity, two days later, he becomes Vice President of PF via the appointment by President Lungu who is on his way out. What is the meaning of this latest appointment, certainly the heir to the throne? Does he represent the future ? How long will PF stick to Lungu who should not waste time and leave the stage and enjoy the fatherhood” of the state by virtue of having led this country. Appointments should have been the outcome of the grassroot based consultation that they promised, but the CM has already recycling the same faces that are not ideal for the future.

  15. Chishimba Davies

    Just an extra ordinary conference where new leaders will be elected is the only way we can rebrand the party otherwise we are just shooting in the dark.No new ideas can come from the failed central committee

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