NFCA Mining Employees Protest Over Low Pay

Hundreds of miners at Non-Ferrous Mining Company-Africa in Chambishi have staged a peaceful protest demanding improved working conditions.

The miners who have abandoned work demanding to be addressed by management as asking for harmonisation of their basic salary.

One of the miners spoken to said, the hundreds want management to effect an increment of K 6,000 across the board for all miners.

He said it does not matter on which contractor one belongs to but there must be fairness on the payment of salaries to every miner who goes underground.

The miners have also accused unions of having failed in negotiating for better working conditions.


They said the union should have negotiated for harmonized working conditions in comparison to other mining firms such as Mopani Copper Mine and Konkola Copper Mine.

“All these mines are dealing in Copper mining, so why should my salary be less compared to another person working for Kansanshi or KCM, we all go underground and we will not accept to be paid peanuts while others are getting better money,” another miner said.


Meanwhile, Management is currently locked up in a meeting with Labour Commissioner Givens Muntangwa who has come direct from Solwezi with mine union leaders.




  1. Simanda

    We are not against investors. We want sustainable jobs. There is a lot of hidden slavery works happening here in chambishi. Its not NFC only. Let the minister of labour send investigators even to other companies within chambishi. Hand to mouth salary meanwhile all our wealth is being shipped to their countries. Unions are failures.

  2. Ackim Mkali

    Dissolve unions, honeymoon is over for the two ministers, tambatamba and kabuswe should be present in dealing with these Chinese.chimbishi is infested with unhealthy, unfamiliar conditions of service and corruption from these union leaders.

  3. Misheck Ngambi

    Even us at Rongxing we are suffering over the same issues so please labour minister help us through your investigation. our family is suffering

  4. Misheck Ngambi

    But the investors are just ok, now the condition of services are very poor thus why many people are complaining.so if the labour minister can put a powerful labour law these people will change.if not then they will continue treating us like slaves.otherwise we love there jobs.

  5. Ndilazo Sililo

    good evening

  6. Pablo

    In zambia unions are toothless and they just deduct money from our salaries

  7. Bathromel Kashingwa

    Let it be so because people working from 6-6 and earning less than what they are expect. OK thanks.

  8. peter.


  9. clint

    IN Zambia were still behind But in other countries miners gets betters salaries

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  11. Benard

    How do you think about salaries?

  12. peter.


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