Esther Katongo

Lusaka ~ Tue, 21 Sept 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

Police in Lusaka have launched a manhunt for thugs who hacked a police officer who was trying to stop the harassment of perceived PF members at Kamwala market.

Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo stated that thugs closed the shops of some people that they perceived to be PF members yesterday.

“Police in Lusaka have instituted investigations in a matter where thugs were reported to have gone to Kamwala market yesterday, 20th September, 2021 and are alleged to have harassed those that were perceived to be members of the Patriotic Front by locking their shops and chasing them from the market. Two police officers who were within the vicinity responded to the report and in trying to address the matter, one police officer was hacked in the head and he sustained injuries. When police sent in reinforcement, the criminals scampered,” Katongo stated.

She stated that police are investigating the matter and those that will be found wanting will be dealt with accordingly.

Katongo stated that Inspector General of Police, Lemmy Kajoba has called for quick investigations so that those behind the act are brought to book without delay.

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