Esther Katongo

Mporokoso ~ Thur, 23 Sept 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

A jealous husband in Mporokoso District has killed four people among them his wife after he set ablaze a grass thatched house.

Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo stated that Jonas Mwamba burnt the house after he suspected his wife of having an extra marital affair.

“Police in Mporokoso District of Northern Province have arrested one suspect identified as Jonas Mwamba alleged to have set ablaze a grass thatched house in which four people, among them his wife, were sleeping leading to their death.
This was after police recieved a report that Beatrice Chanda aged 28 and her two children namely female juvenile Mirriam Kabwe aged 09 years and male juvenile Beanwel Musonda aged 06 years and another unidentified person died in a grass thatched house after it was set ablaze by unknown persons,” Mrs Katongo stated.

She stated that Mr Mwamba is in police custody.

“Preliminary investigations have led to the arrest of Jonas Mwamba, the husband of one of the fire victims Beatrice Chanda, and is detained in police custody for murder. The couple is reported to have had marital disputes as the now accused person suspected his wife to have been having an extra marital affair and that he was in a tendency of issuing death threats to his wife,” Mrs Katongo stated.

She stated that no information received by police so far is linking the deaths to politics as insinuated on social media.

“If at all there are people with reliable information to what they are alleging, they should give that information to police,” Mrs Katongo stated.


  1. clint

    Shame may the law follow the victim or the suspect

  2. Benard

    This is the biggest murder so take him to the mukobeko so that he died us well thank you

  3. Chriz boy an assegai

    Mutwaleni kumukobeko shetani . You have killed the inocent souls due to jealous, ass yours.

  4. Jessey Lingard

    # The men and women in uniform don’t even allow him to apply for a Bail. Let the laws of Zambia work on him#

  5. Davies

    Tawa kwata mano muntu wandi NAIWE nga wali ikasha ukucilo kulofyemweo

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