George Mtonga

By George Mtonga

During President HH zoom meeting, there was a question of hiring the diaspora to be part of the government. Im not sure in what capacity this was asked. As in employ them and pay them a salary? Or have certain technical expertise sit on advisory boards for specific organisations etc.

While i certainly support the diaspora being involved in government, i would think a volunteer basis would make sense.

Jobs should to go Zambians in Zambia. It’s  about opportunity. Many Zambians in the diaspora already have personal opportunities in larger economies and I dont think it would be fair for them to start taking up jobs at the expense of talent in Zambia.

Those that wish to serve the country can keep their jobs in the diaspora but serve in advisory capacity to institutions or organizations.

While the diaspora love zambia, they are generally out of touch with the local issues. In this regard we need local guys while the diaspora bring in global expertise so we merge the two and that can help us get the benefits of talent from abroad.

But I don’t  see any sense in people who already have access to a multitude of opportunities taking jobs from local Zambians.

We can serve in a volunteer capacity in the interest of our Republic without increasing the government wage bill.

Papa G


  1. Benard

    I think that is true cause us Zambian’s we surfered for the same issue, cause when we look at how many people are not get jobs while are Zambian and they are more people are in the village and they have get employer but they are not working why?, let’s look about those who are old years eg those who are sixty years.why don’t you take them out of there jobs cause us youths we need to be working as well

    • Davies

      I think it depends on the capacity they are employed. There is an issue of exposure here, if the people in diaspora are employed to bring in the knowledge they have acquired from abroad that is great but that knowledge only lasts as far as they have lived abroad. In my opinion there is need to just change the way Embassies work. Most of the people sent abroad just sit in embassies and enjoy the salary and living abroad. Lets put a team of experts at these embassies whose jobs are to update the country on economic and technological advancements happening in these developed countries. Let these people be responsible for striking deals such as educational deals including student exchange programs. perhaps this is where the people in diaspora can be employed. I guess its not just about personal opportunity, its about what they can contribute to the development of the country. This would save the government repatriation fees and other costs of such nature. And true they are likely to be out of touch but then like George mentioned, this is where the merging comes in. One thing about volunteer basis is that there is little accountability imposed on the volunteer and even the level of dedication is not as would be expected. But I believe think this is an issue if looked at critically can help develop our country. It should be about helping to develop our country not just individual opportunity.

  2. David

    Am really humbled to you sir/madam the problem why us youths we are not get employed is(1) those people who are working in departments they don’t have 5 ‘o levels they have nines on there results(certificate), especially in zp,za,zns.i would love sir/madam to check for yourself you will see what am talking about.(2) full of gohst workers in departments.(3) retirement age 65 is too much sir/madam.

  3. clint

    Bally do it for Zambians may God protect you

  4. Andrew

    Bally will fix it

  5. Timothy ngalande

    Yeah we need job and increase salary

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  7. Prof Kaniembo Terry

    Let those with expertise and experience join hands with us to develop our nation! We need both local and Zambians in the diaspora to team up in many spheres of development. Most Locals have proved to be corrupt, incompetent and lazy. Zambians in the diaspora are also Zambians like us. Let’s be fair

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