Chingola ~ Tue, 28 Sept 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

In what seems to be a new case of gassing, 136  pupils from Buyantanshi Technical School (BUTECH) in Chingola have been rushed to Nchanga Mine Hospital after they allegedly inhaled some unknown substances suspected to be fumigated at the learning institution.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo has said investigations have been instituted following a report of suspected fumigation reported to have occurred at the school around 08:20 hours today.

Mrs Katongo said the affected pupils are reported to have developed a cough while others had collapsed and were rushed to Nchanga North Mine Hospital.

She said when officers rushed to the scene, they were informed by management that those affected were pupils in a grade eight class while other victims were those who went to the affected class to check on what was happening.

“It was later reported by management at the school that they had picked a bottle labeled Blue Blue Perfume containing unknown liquid believed to have been thrown in a bin by an unknown person and was handed to the police. The total number of pupils reported to have been affected is 136 and is expected to increase as some pupils were still being taken to Hospital from homes after leaving school,” she said.

Mrs Katongo said all the victims complained of headaches, chest pains and difficulty in breathing and cough and that they are all in a stable condition.

“The bottle with unknown content will be taken to Food and Drug Laboratory for analysis,” Mrs Katongo said.


  1. clint

    Devil of pf has again resurrected God will punish this Evil

  2. Ernest

    This is nonsense you pf party member u re troublesome we will deal with you accordingly

  3. Jessey Lingard

    # Every one is innocent until being proven guilty by the court of law. Wishing you a quick recovery school going children.

  4. Watcher

    Gassing to me was done by Satanists but unfortunately bwcoz the devil is a decerver we start pointing fingers at PF. Today PF is nomore again we point fingers at them. I call upon the Christian community to pray against this spirit. It will attack more this time around whilst we point fingers at politicians.

    • Watcher

      We have lost spiritual site as Christians. We have put personal political hatred above Gods guidance. This is pure satanism and we need to pray against gassing. This is neither UPND or PF

  5. ADMIN

    Every things ati niba pf what they are done to you? 4get satanist wamene alecita marubish yene aya leave pf alone.

  6. Simon

    May God help our nation

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