Zambia Reports is a privately owned and operated independent news website, featuring both aggregated and originally sourced articles from Africa’s largest copper exporter.  Our aim is to provide critical political and economic intelligence both for the foreign investment community as well as the domestic and regional audience.

Launched in March 2012, Zambia Reports came about as a result of a meeting of minds of a freelance foreign correspondent with an obsession with African politics, and several Zambian journalists who felt that the media environment in the country would benefit from unconventional and fresh perspectives outside the mainstream voices in public.

Zambia Reports features many original submissions from reporters and bloggers within Zambia and among the diaspora community.  Zambia Reports is not responsible for, nor endorses, opinions or statements expressed by these writers, who are solely responsible for their own articles.


Clement Malambo – Editor 

Mr. Malambo took over the editorial stewardship of Zambia Reports in March 2014. He holds postgraduate degrees in journalism and political science and can be reached at editor@zambiareports.com.

Peter Adamu – Policy Analyst and Op/ed Contributor

Peter is a Zambian living in the diaspora with a passion for Zambian politics.  His opinions are his own.  If you would like to contact Peter, please email peter.adamu@zambiareports.com

Nse Udoh – Politics and Economy Contributor

Nse is a Nigerian journalist and frequent visitor to Lusaka, where he reports on developments in politics and economics.  Nse can be reached at nudoh51@yahoo.com

George Mwenya – Media, Politics, and Sport

George Mwenya is a journalist living in Lusaka with years of experience in the media field.  If you have a message for George, please use the contact page.

Evans Mulenga – Columnist

Evans Mulenga is a senior editor living in Lusaka with more than 15 years experience in commentary, reporting, and broadcast coverage of politics, business, and sport across Zambia and the Southern Africa region.

If you would like to get in contact with any of our authors, or submit a contribution for consideration, please visit the Contact page.