Kavindele not in a hurry to lead MMD

ENOCH Kavindele says he is humbled by the interest his possibility of running for MMD presidency has attracted. Kavindele, who MMD sources said wanted to surprise many by going for...

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‘Zambians’ banned from officiating at Western Province ceremony

This year’s Kuomboka will be more of a Barotse Family celebrating Independence, says the Barotse Freedom Movement, one of the key organisations pushing for the Independence of Western province from...

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Henry Banda’s Legal Team Launches Counter-offensive

Following media reports on the Zambian government’s failure to lay charges in support of requests for the arrest ofHenry Banda, son of former Zambian President Rupiah Banda, their legal counsel...

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Zambia Awaits Return of President Sata

Journalists from various media organizations in Zambia have camped at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport awaiting the arrival of President Michael Sata from India where he is said to have...

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MMD wins back Mafinga parliamentary seat

THE Ndola High Court has dismissed an election petition against MMD Mafinga Member of Parliament, Catherine Namugala. Patriotic Front losing candidate in the Mafinga parliamentary race, Brasford James Gondwehad petitioned...

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Zambia’s Democratic Reputation Damaged by Dissolution Attempt

In most democratic countries, the idea that the largest opposition party could be wiped out and have its parliamentary seats removed with a single stroke of the pen would come...

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